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Custom applications for managing business processes and information.
Fast and reliable hosting.
Web focused branding and graphic design services.
Creating an online presence is essential for all businesses to stay competitive.
However, not every business needs a complicated site. That is why we offer "flat" sites which contain basic content and photos, based on a straightforward template that we design with you.
But as your business grows and changes, so must your site. Prohost sites are designed so that further modification and addition will not require a new template: the wheel, once invented, stays that way.
To effectively display products, a gallery is an important part of any website. Whether you have a few images to display, or hundreds, the ability of users to click thumbnails to access larger versions of gallery photos is increasinly expected of professional sites.
Businesses often need to frequently broadcast news and current events. This can take the form of news articles on your front page, mail-outs to a list of subscribers or a company blog. These options can be complemented by an RSS feed so that users are always up-to-date on what your business if doing.
Content Management System
Your business is constantly evolving, and so too should the content of your website. A Content Management System (CMS) puts the control of your site back into your hands. A CMS gives you the ability to edit and update the content of selected areas of your site, or even add and delete pages. The structured template means that your site's layout will remain consistant, so changing the photos, wording and titles is easy and stress-free.
Contact forms
Along with the ususal contact details, an online contact form is extremely useful for allowing users to get in touch. Apart from the standard form which emails text directly to your email account, Prohost can create a custom form that includes fields for the information that you need. This is especially useful for businesses who need to create quotes for specialised stock that cannot be purchased "off the shelf".
Shopping carts
Prohost can set up shopping cart facilities, complete with payment gateway and secure handling of customer data. Shopping carts have the option to include a content management system for inventory so thatyour site includes only what is in stock.
Think your users and clients might have something to say? Or perhaps you would like to be able to dispense publicly available advice. Forums are a great way to encourage feedback and answer frequently asked questions.